2020 Early Early Christmas Virtual Fair


Monday 21st September – Thursday 1st October 2020

There are still many unknowns around this virus, and although timelines for recovery are getting more concrete each week, no one knows for sure how things will play out. Assuming an end to lockdown happens in the next six months, the period immediately after will be slow to start, with limitations on travel and gathering sizes likely to continue or be reintroduced in various formats. The risk is unknown, and we have time to make this a virtual event and make it the success it deserves by populating the site and getting the marketing all in place to drive traffic to the website. We will make good money this way too – maybe not as much as we have previously but

I have concluded that this is the right course of action for the event and for the charity. The wider industry is experiencing deep financial hardship and virtual events have proven safer and more economical. Devoting any additional budget for a safe venue may not available. It will allow us time to build on the event for 2021 so we can put all the measures in place to make sure we can deliver this amazing event.

This year is not just about the charity from my perspective but about supporting all those that have given us so much and raised so much money for us – all the small businesses that are the key deliverables to the event – our supporters and keeping them safe – keeping the brand of the Fair alive and building on the last 28 years that this event has been running. There is no reason why we cannot continue to deliver this for many years to come and keep this event as one of our nationwide flagship events.

Virtual shopping will never replace real shopping. Many visitors come to enjoy the wonderful experience – meeting friends, enjoying a lunch out, shopping and supporting the charity. This will not change but in the meantime doing a virtual event avoids any risks to all those involved in the event and the charity which are my priorities.

To this end we have spent the last month working on going online to run The Early, Early Christmas Fair Virtual Event. It will run from Monday 21st September – Thursday 1st October 2020

Cannot wait to see you all online….. sorry not to be able to see you at the event this year but thank you for your support and please please let’s make this a really amazing event!


Caroline Cary
Executive Fundraiser
T: 01980 611211 M: 07818 090913 E: carolinecary@gmail.com
W: www.eecfair.org.uk

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