Want to improve your memory?

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Want to improve your memory? Have you made your Christmas shopping list yet? To-do lists used to annoy me, so I avoided them for a long time. The freedom was something I craved. Keeping a list worried me because it would confine me to a specific set of responsibilities. But over time, I changed my […]

It is great to be back and …

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Being a stallholder at the EEC Fair was an extraordinary experience this year! Not to say that it isn’t every year, but there was a different vibe this year that was palpable. I thought it was just me, but other stall holders and customers I spoke to felt the same way. What was it? Apart […]

How the Early, Early Christmas Fair beat the Covid challenge

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This time last year, how many of us would have imagined this life of uncertainty a year on?  As we moved through the months of 2020, we saw 2021 as being the turning of the page.  A new year, the restrictions behind us, the threat averted, everything back to some kind of normal.  But as […]

8 reasons to be at this year’s Early, Early Christmas Fair

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Looking for new ideas this year? Look no further – from stunning new businesses, stalls overflowing with new and trendy ideas, this Fair has plenty of options for everyone. Attend the first Christmas Fair on the circuit – an Aladdin’s Cave of goodies at the very start of the season for you to have the […]