5 Helpful Tips For Early Christmas Shopping

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They say that the most wonderful time of the year is Christmas. That may be true, but the festive season can also be one of the most expensive times of the year. As we slowly approach the Christmas shopping season, many UK consumers are likely to be focused on ways to save money on the […]

2021 Raffle Prize Winners

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Congratulations to all the winners of this years Early Early Christmas VIRTUAL Fair raffle. We are so grateful to all our stallholders who gave so generously to this raffle where all profits go to ABF The Soldiers’ Charity. Please see list of winners below and we will be delivering or posting these out over the […]

Want to improve your memory?

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Want to improve your memory? Have you made your Christmas shopping list yet? To-do lists used to annoy me, so I avoided them for a long time. The freedom was something I craved. Keeping a list worried me because it would confine me to a specific set of responsibilities. But over time, I changed my […]

Early, Early Christmas Fair 2021 – A Thank You

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Thank you all so much for making this year’s event such a huge success. It was great to see so many of you again coming through the door – smiling faces full of excitement at being out and about and doing what we always do! The atmosphere was incredible: the energy and enthusiasm were fantastic […]

It is great to be back and …

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Being a stallholder at the EEC Fair was an extraordinary experience this year! Not to say that it isn’t every year, but there was a different vibe this year that was palpable. I thought it was just me, but other stall holders and customers I spoke to felt the same way. What was it? Apart […]

How the Early, Early Christmas Fair beat the Covid challenge

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This time last year, how many of us would have imagined this life of uncertainty a year on?  As we moved through the months of 2020, we saw 2021 as being the turning of the page.  A new year, the restrictions behind us, the threat averted, everything back to some kind of normal.  But as […]

8 reasons to be at this year’s Early, Early Christmas Fair

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Looking for new ideas this year? Look no further – from stunning new businesses, stalls overflowing with new and trendy ideas, this Fair has plenty of options for everyone. Attend the first Christmas Fair on the circuit – an Aladdin’s Cave of goodies at the very start of the season for you to have the […]

How I have loved being part of The Early Early Christmas Fair

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I have been an enthusiast, a volunteer and a devoted customer of the EEC Fair for many years and I am just delighted that Caroline has snatched victory from the jaws of defeat by making this year’s Fair a virtual one. I am also an ardent supporter of ABF The Soldier’s Charity, whose work reaches […]

Wiltshire Life – The Early, Early Christmas Fair is on


Caroline Cary explains how with sheer determination and creative thinking, this popular charity event is taking a different approach to fundraising this year we have all had to cope with so many different challenges on every front and have had to adjust, work hard, work on ourselves and dig deep. The hospitality, events and charity […]