It is great to be back and …

Being a stallholder at the EEC Fair was an extraordinary experience this year!

Not to say that it isn’t every year, but there was a different vibe this year that was palpable.

I thought it was just me, but other stall holders and customers I spoke to felt the same way.

What was it? Apart from the incredible organisation by Caroline Cary and her wonderful crew, that is always a given. Spare a few thoughts of the size of that project, her attention to detail, she has the energy of a giant!

The curation of such a fair, bringing together the best mix of stallholders creating a choice for all is so clever.

Going back to the VIBE we all felt in those vast marquees, I put it down to the freedom to connect again, togetherness, seeing people’s faces, smiling, chatting and laughing without guessing what is behind a mask! It was human connection reverberating around that space and place. I loved hearing the buzz of chat and humour, selling and buying, the interest of the stories behind the stalls, how they came to do what they do and shrieks of friendship’s renewed. All this knowing we can help a charity is the cherry on top!

We as stallholders, are so grateful to be back on the road again and remember you can see many of the stalls again on the EEC Virtual Fair Online raising even more money for the wonderful ABF Soldier’s Charity,

Libbla Kelly – Author of Wisdom While you Work


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