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Initially London

Initially London is the UK’s only full-service monogramming company specialising in fabulous monogrammed classic accessories, gorgeous home linens and gifts for all occasions. Everything is embroidered or etched in our West London studio. Design your own monogram on our very fun website, choosing from over 50 curated font styles and an array of beautiful thread colours.


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Available Products

The Covent Garden Shoulder Basket is a generously sized straw basket and has long padded leather handles that fit comfortably over the shoulder. It works well for shopping trips, beach outings, weekend jaunts, school runs and even just storage. It is the handiest, hardiest and most simply beautiful basket we have found. Due to the hand-made nature the size and shape of each basket varies slightly… no one is exactly like another.

This monogrammed basket has handles that come in two great neutral colours, grey and brown. If you’re looking for a colour for the handle that we don’t stock, please get in contact with us and we can try to find it.

Almost any style monogram works well on a basket. The image here shows a letter font style called Schoolbook in Electric Orange thread. We also love fonts like Oklahoma, Algerian and Typewriter on baskets, and shape styles like Circle and Intertwined.

If you prefer a smaller basket with shorter handles, please look at the Covent Garden Hand Basket. Pair it with a Yarn Tassel (orange shown here). Wool tassels can be purchased separately in the Accessories tab of our website.

Composition: The Covent Garden Basket is handmade in Morocco from palm leaves from the Doum plant. It is unlined and the leather handles are padded.

Dimensions: The basket measures approximately 33cm tall x 55cm wide across the top and 29cm wide across the base

Our Om Yoga Mat is made in Germany and is the best combination of quality, functionality and price that we can find (and we have looked far and wide). No surprise that we found it in Germany then. It is springy and comfortable to both stand and lie on, it’s got great grip, is tear-resistant and best of all, it’s machine washable so sweat and dust can be washed away.

With your monogram on it, no one will confuse your mat for a studio mat. We love both loud neon monograms and subtle tone-on-tone monograms on yoga mats. You can also embroider a mantra or motif such as a lotus or om symbol that helps with your practice, or a logo if you are a teacher or personal trainer.

We will place the monogram at the bottom of the mat so it is behind you as you stand on it. If you prefer to have it placed at the top of the mat, facing you (which works nicely for a mantra such as “Breathe” or “Om”…) please mention this is Special Instructions. We also have our new Rainbow design which you can pop your monogram underneath!

These monogrammed mats obviously make great gifts. Our mats pair well with our Yoga Mat Sling and Mat Carry Bag… create one monogram design and use it on the whole line to create a gorgeous set for yourself or a friend.

Composition: Made of phthalate-free PVC with no toxins, made in Germany

Dimensions: 183cm long x 60cm wide x 4.5mm thick, 4.5mm thick

Care: The anti-slip and gets even better grip after a few uses. The mat is machine washable on the delicate cycle at 30 degrees. Lay flat or hang to dry, do not tumble dry or lay over a radiator.

The St James wash bag is our best seller! Made to be unisex using different monogram styles and thread colours. It’s perfect for grannies to babies, show their unique style by playing around with our fonts and thread colours. Use it while travelling for makeup or toiletries, or as storage during the gym, at school or simply to have in your hand bag!

Featuring a silver pull zip across the top, it has a cotton seersucker exterior with nylon polyester lining inside.

Composition: 100% cotton with a nylon polyester waterproof lining.

Dimensions: 22cm W x 15cm H x 10cm D.

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