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Mess Art

Mess Art, has re-introduced the classic Victorian book ‘Military Misreadings of Shakspere’ (sic) and offers humorous military and sporting artwork of the 19th and 20th Century printed on fine art paper (giclee prints), tablemats, jigsaw puzzles, greetings and postcards, mugs and coasters. Everything is made to order, no order too small.


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Available Products

500 piece jigsaw puzzle, made on non-reflective silk finish paper and fire-resistant cardboard. Size 48 x 35 cm. Puzzle pieces are bagged and packed in boxes of our own design. Please see our website for the full range of artwork available on your puzzle.

From the deliberate, but delightful, misspelling of Shakespeare in the title to the carefully portrayed perils of being a Victorian soldier and the appropriately selected Shakespearian quotes to go alongside each cartoon, Thomas Seccombe’s book will resonate with all who have an interest in observing life – military and otherwise. First published in 1880, the book was so popular that it went on to six immediate reprints. Even today’s readers will see why this classic book was such a success. Ideal for all occasions and a perfect stocking filler.

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