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Ella and Cherry

Our unique shirt designs incorporate the hidden wires collars and cuffs to allow you to mould and shape them the way you want ,3 hidden buttons to prevent gaping on the bust line and an elegant crystal stone zip system. A lovely blend of pastel colours soft cardigans, jumpers and ponchos from alternative high quality blends which were as soft as cashmere and without the allergy issues from wool.


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Available Products

Our Mila jumper is perfect for those days when you want to feel relaxed and cosy, yet stylish. The snug sleeves contrast brilliantly against the relaxed shape of the top of the jumper which creates a flattering look. It can be worn asymmetrical or straight hem, long or short as the hem can be tucked in any shape you fancy.

Team up with our Alexia shirt for a dressy look or with our Jazz Jersey shirt for a smart casual look.

Signature double collars allowing one collar to be worn down and the other high up outside a jacket. Double fold back cuffs complete a simple design fitted with a zip to flatter any figure. A useful piece that will always look smart. To be worn whenever you feel like around town or country.

Material: 97% Cotton 3% Elastane

An evolution of our Alexa design, this stunning blouse has 3 round collars and 3 round cuffs, with wires interwoven into the fabric ensuring the collar can be held in position vertically and the cuffs can be folded back. It also features 2 hidden buttons to prevent gaping which provide a cleaner line for all shapes. A great wardrobe addition, wear it casually with jeans and boots or dress it up a little with heels, perfect for the evening. All machine washable.

Material: 97% Cotton 3% Elastane

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