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Make it personal, Make it positive add a little charm to your life with stunningly original accessories from TINKALINK. Invest in yourself or a loved one with our crystal healing bracelets. Our belief is one small positive thought can change your whole day


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Available Products

Don’t forget to stop those charger thieves and personalise your charger & cable sticker. TINKALINK iPhone charger and cable stickers adhere directly to the surface of your plug and cable. Add a charm to your charger and make it truly yours!

Stay positive & be free, introducing our Clear Quarts Crystal Multifunctional Glasses Chain, designed and handmade in our studio. Chains for your frames, a chic way to keep your face mask within reach and specially designed to keep your Air Pods secure and safe. Chic practical and bang up to date.

Rock your world or friends with our ‘Memo to Me Bracelets’. Handmade with beautifully selected crystals and paired with powerful mantras to give you or a loved one that reminder or little nudge each day.
For something a little more unique ‘Create Your Own’ bracelet by adding your own mantras, names, initials, special dates. You name it, we’ll create it. Our crystal wellbeing bracelets are handmade to order in our London Studio making every bracelet unique.

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