Editing Service for First Time Authors


“HAVE YOU ALWAYS SECRETLY DREAMED OF WRITING A BOOK?”  This editing service is for first-time authors, who may have either A) Only a slight, sketchy idea for a plot, which I will help them to develop into a promising storyline, and then help to get them going on their book.  Or B) A new, first time author who has already got a rough synopsis, has written three chapters (or about 60 pages) and needs someone to give them detailed feedback of how they are doing.

This price will include two phone or zoom calls from the client PLUS a free 30 minute consultation.  This will consist of the first phone call, talking through what they want to do, together with helpful suggestions from me.  Followed subsequently by, if they are (A’s) an email with their first attempt at putting together a storyline.  And if (B’s) an email with their synopsis and first three chapters for my Feedback.  In both cases, (hopefully not more than a week later) they get a Zoom call where we discuss the plot, characters and emotional development of the story.

This service includes the opportunity to have an expert looking at their book or ideas for one, and offering an overview of their work, including help with development of the plot, characters, emotional development of the story – and much more!

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