Memoir Service


“PRECIOUS MEMORIES”.  “Memoirs are a slice of life.  Maybe a story of your life? Or an exciting period, when perhaps you unexpectedly found yourself in the midst of a tsunami, or a hurricane, helping to save the lives of others. All very dramatic!  But, nearer to home, so many people have found themselves either trapped in their homes, or trapped under quarantine abroad, due to Covid-19.  A private account of that time will, I predict, be a valuable addition to the family archives in the years to come.  Not forgetting the experiences of your relatives, either living now or in the past, many of whom – both men and women – will have served in World Wars I & II.  What an inspiration for their families, to read of such amazing stories, today!”

The cost for the memoir service is £250, which includes a free 30 minute consultation and all the existing services offered to new and existing writers above.

Make a donation to the ABF - The Soldiers Charity

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