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Thermos, Thermal Mug, Water/ Drinks Bottle


Ultra-leakproof Thermos Flask, covered with a soft touch rubber-feel surface and made of high-quality stainless steel. The double-walled design keeps the content hot for a long time (6 hours with the lid closed). Vacuum insulated.
Leakproof Thermal Travel Mug made of stainless steel covered with a soft touch rubber-feel finishing, double-walled insulation retains the desired temperature for up to 90 minutes.
A very practical 700ml capacity Water/Drinks Bottle made of stainless steel and covered with a soft-touch surface. The lid is fitted with a straw for convenient use of the bottle in a vertical position and an easy-to-use clear spout for drinking and opening the bottle is possible with one hand.

All Drinkware is Certified for contact with food and BPA FREE.

Product price between £18.00 – £24.00