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Pinkster Gin

Pinkster Gin and Hedgepig fruit gin liqueurs


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With reduced alcohol and lower calories, Pinkster Spritz is the perfect light, refreshing drink for catching up with friends.

Made with tipsy, locally grown raspberries leftover from producing Pinkster gin, it’s both naturally deliciously and sustainably sound.

We recommend serving this scrummy spritz base with soda water, a squeeze of fresh lime and heaps of ice. If you can lay your hands on Fever-Tree’s Mexican Lime Soda, all the better.

The original pink gin, made with real raspberries, that’s been titillating taste buds since 2013.

From day one, we’ve always been about fresh fruit rather than fancy flavourings. The raspberries are grown locally to our rural Cambridgeshire HQ and we only produce the gin during the raspberry cropping season.

Thanks to these plump beauties, Pinkster is deliciously dry with a hint of fruit and an exceptionally smooth finish.

Just add a raspberry and a sprig of well-spanked, fresh mint for a refreshingly different G&T.

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