Handcrafted Tin Planter


Handcrafted Decoupage Chaffinch’s Tin Planter
Our tin items are made from recycled material. They are decoupaged and finished with craquelure and protected with shellac and beeswax. They have a hole for suitable for hanging from or can stand on a flat surface. They can be put to a variety of uses, they will hold herbs or plants [ kept in plant pots], utensils etc. They are for indoor use only, we not recommended that they are used in bathrooms or areas of high condensation.

Please note that this piece is handmade and deliberately vintaged to give it an old and cherished feel.

As all our pieces are individually handmade your item may differ slightly in the destressing and craquelure from the photo shown.

Height: 32 cm
Width: 22 cm
Depth: 10 cm

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