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Shower Steamers


Transform your shower into a steam inhalation spa experience!

Simply place the steamer at the back of your shower tray, away from direct water flow. Therapeutic essential oils are released into the air as the steamer dissolves. Inhale!
These little beauties are 100% natural and with bicarb of soda as an ingredient help to keep your pipes clean too!

Choose your mood

Morning Clarity or anytime you need to sharpen your focus.
A wake-up blend that can help you feel energized & ready to face the day peppermint for memory recall, basil for boosted concentration levels & Rosemary for mental alertness

A wind-down blend that can help you ‘switch off’ & aid a restful nights sleep. Frankincense to help cool the body, Bergamot for a sense of calm and & harmony, Ylang Ylang to
help negative emotions.

A decongesting, clearing blend. A bug busting cocktail of aromas that can help reinforce your body and mind. Cinnamon to fight infection, Clove for respiratory relief, rosemary to boost circulation & lemon to help purify the body.