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Want to improve your memory?

Want to improve your memory? Have you made your Christmas shopping list yet?

To-do lists used to annoy me, so I avoided them for a long time. The freedom was something I craved. Keeping a list worried me because it would confine me to a specific set of responsibilities. But over time, I changed my mind. As my professional life became increasingly hectic, I realised how important it became to keep a running agenda handy. Shortly afterwards, I began putting some of those activities on my weekly schedule. To put it another way, I’d unwittingly transformed into a planner, which I could have learnt from certain members of my family who are prolific list makers!

‘Listology’ is the study of lists.   Here are some other reasons that making lists is important.

The Brain’s Workings

Soon after receiving new information, our brains begin analysing it. Each side of the brain controls different ways of thinking. Unlike the Left, the Right prefers to see the big picture first, then process the details.

As a result, TV commercials use the Right Brain strategy of expensive production and repetition. Magazine publishers, late-night comedians, and web content producers, however, have all found success with the Left Brain list format.

Writing things down helps them stick in your memory, so it’s great for tactile/kinetic learners. This way, you can finish the task and feel satisfied and accomplished at the end of the day.

Lists control the chaos. In our minds, dozens of ideas vie for our attention at any given time. Making a list forces one to take a break and focus on one task at a time. Writing something down tells the brain “Yes, this is important” and it will be added to one’s daily schedule soon.

Stress is reduced by keeping the mind focused on the list’s items. Writing down my thoughts helps me a lot. Verbalizing ideas helps them to solidify. Thanks to lists, I can see the big picture, organise my thoughts, and reduce stress.

Lists help you stay organised by focusing your day and preventing procrastination. This

helps you achieve both long-term and short-term goals.

Lists help memory. Making a list forces us to think and prioritise, telling our brains what to remember.

When you make a Christmas list, you start thinking about people in a much more thoughtful way. You consider their tastes, interests, and hobbies. It doesn’t take long, but it can make a big difference when someone receives a gift that has been really thought through, in a way that just buying for the sake of buying has a very different feel, and when you give you will love doing this more than ever.

Happy list writing

Caroline xx


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